Hyatt Natural Stone Tables – 1048

hyatt natural kitchen tablesHyatt natural stone mosaic table top pattern – 1048

The durable light weight core of our stone tables makes them the lightest on the market

Weather sealed and protected against moisture damage which allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors

Table crafted from alternating patterns of natural polished marble

Custom crafted in the United States by stone craftsmen who will design and build the piece to your exact size and shape requirements

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Hyatt Table Top - 1048
Product Options
124" Round$431.95
230" Round$742.95
336" Round$781.95
442" Round$1,060.95
548" Round$1,116.95
654" Round$1,312.95
760" Round$1,340.95
824" X 24" Square$441.95
936" X 36" Square$1,060.95
1042" X 42" Square$1,089.95
1160" X 60" Square$1,795.95
1242" X 76" Oval$1,896.95
1348" X 84" Oval$1,996.95
1448" X 84" Rectangle$2,195.95
Shipping Rate: F
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